Marketing is Everything!


‘Marketing is what you do when your product or service sucks.’

                                                    Fred Wilson, Union Square Ventures.

As somebody who’s passionate about marketing, I hear sceptical comments like the above far too often.

I believe this is because many people use marketing in a superficial way. They consider marketing to be putting a positive spin on something that provides little added value to their customers in order to persuade them to choose their offer. But if you use marketing in such a superficial manner and you’ll see superficial results. Yeah, you might persuade people to come and buy from you once; but when you fail to live up to your promises, these customers won’t be coming back.

Instead I believe marketing should be everything you do.

I see marketing as delivering what your customers need or want, profitably. Every decision and action that your business makes should be influenced by the value it adds or takes away from your customers. This ranges from how you answer the phone to the message you use to promote your product or service. Once you adopt this customer focus and deliver real value in an authentic way, you will delight your customers and they’ll be keen to spread the word about your offer. The benefits that you’ll gain from this will go on and on…..



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