Geek Chic Challenges Scientific Stereotypes


Rise Up Case Study: Beauty by the Geeks

There are more girls than ever choosing science subjects at University, but there are more options for scientists beyond following a conventional career path. Rise Up is perfectly placed to help female scientists tap into the support available from Newcastle University for business start-ups and enterprise skills.

One recent success story, which arose from a shared passion for science and beauty, is online blog ‘Beauty by the Geeks’.

Founders Brigitte West and Rose Brown talked to Rise Up about their journey from biomedical science and microbiology students to female entrepreneurs.

“We realized there was no unbiased source explaining the science behind the cosmetic industry so we decided to launch this blog and run with it. We got a lot of interest so we decided to keep going. We didn’t expect it to have the success it came with. It was only from people’s responses that we decided to turn it into a business and the encouragement from people at Rise Up to monetize it.”

The girls admit that they probably dodged some major bullets from working with their mentors at Rise Up and benefited from training in the law, insurance and many other ‘real world’ business issues.

Rose adds, “Science isn’t just in the lab, it’s marketing, advertising, you have to monetize everything. We’ve also learned a lot about ourselves and grown as people.”

Could you follow in the footsteps of Brigitte and Rose and be a successful entrepreneur? Take our quiz and find out!

Find out more about Rise Up and stay up to date:


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