Computer Science Start Up Success


Rise Up Case Study: Reflective Thinking

Students from a scientific background can sometimes find it hard to imagine themselves as entrepreneurs, but with specialist support from Newcastle Science City, Rise Up is helping more and more Med and SAgE students and graduates experiment with enterprise and entrepreneurship.

Ahmed Kharrufa came to Rise Up for help in setting up his exciting technology company, Reflective Thinking, after he attained his PhD at Newcastle.

Ahmed explains, “The focus is on using advanced technology such as multi-touch technology and computers with multiple mice to promote collaborative learning and higher level thinking skills. When I started I knew very little on how to start a business but I was guided towards Rise Up and started learning about what I needed to do. They put me in touch with key people I needed to speak to about intellectual property and marketing and then we started looking at a business plan and things started to move forward. They are a very friendly environment and they are always ready to provide advice when needed.”

Ahmed would advise anyone at Newcastle University with a business idea to speak to Rise Up as early as possible.

Even if you haven’t got an idea right now we operate a number of engaging programmes that are designed to unlock your inner entrepreneur. Call into The Elevator today to ask one of our trained advisors about upcoming events and activities you can get involved in.

Ever wondered if you have the potential to be a successful entrepreneur? Take our quiz and find out!


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