The Science of Good Business


Rise Up Case Study: Forell

Business ideas can come from all sources, including misfortune! One of the entrepreneurial Newcastle students that Rise Up has worked with recently is Richard Llewellyn, a third year Economics student whose start-up business idea came from his dissatisfaction with his physiotherapy experiences following sports injuries.

Forell Limited is a software development company developing systems for healthcare, specifically for physiotherapists to improve the way they administer therapeutic exercises to their patients.

The company is pre-start-up and Richard is working on a MVP strategy – where the Minimum Viable Product is developed for fast and quantitative market testing.

Richard says, “Rise Up have really accelerated my growth and what I’ve been capable of doing as I move forwards. Within a week of coming to see them I found myself pitching for the Santander Young Entrepreneur Awards and so that really helped to focus me on the business plan, the modeling, marketing and pricing strategies. Being able to go through the award process ended up providing me with funding. All you need to do is being willing to work hard, have a good idea and just go for it.”

Watch Richard talk about his business on the Rise Up YouTube Channel.

Richard found a solution to a problem he was personally experiencing and built a business around it. What problems do you have and could you provide a solution for it? We’d love to hear your comments.


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