Medics can make it in business too

StuartMaitlandMHealthfulRise Up Case Study: mHealthful

The Rise Up team at Newcastle University Careers Service helps Newcastle University students and graduates develop their skills in business and entrepreneurship.

Rise Up has supported hundreds of start-ups from Newcastle University, and it’s not just Business students/graduates that are making waves in the world of entrepreneurship.

Through our partnership with Newcastle Science City we are offering specialist advice and support to students considering a start-up business that addresses a business opportunity in the following sectors: ageing and health, sustainability and biomedical sciences – Science City’s key themes.

Stuart Maitland is a fourth year Medical student who has received support and funding through his involvement with Rise Up. His business, mHealthful, creates medical apps for patients and healthcare professionals.

Stuart says, “It might be an app that gives a patient up to date information on their condition, it may be something to aid a doctor’s management of your condition or it may be something to help a medical student learn.

Rise Up helped me develop the initial business plan and from there the initial connections I made helped me get investment very quickly within the first year which has enabled us to set up an office with staff in Gateshead.”

Stuart had heard of Rise Up through the Careers Service but it was only when he had an idea for a business that he called into The Elevator to speak with an advisor.

As a medical student, Stuart admits he had little idea about setting up a business, beyond what he’d learned in GCSE Business Studies. Rise Up set him up with the tools and contacts he needed to pursue his idea and Stuart hasn’t let his feet touch the ground since. In late 2013, Stuart won a national competition to be named Britain’s Top Real Role Model. His first product is UniWikis, a collaborative medical education website and mobile app that allows medical students across the country to revise together by adding and editing each other’s revision notes.

How inspiring is that?! If you are a medic or science student, have a think about how your specialist knowledge, skills and passionate interests could translate into a business idea.

Whether you already have an idea, or would just like to experiment with enterprise and entrepreneurship, Rise Up can help you.

Ever wondered if you have the potential to be a successful entrepreneur? Take our quiz and find out! Link


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