Marketing Message #1: Don’t shoot from the hip!

think-dont-shoot-from-the-hipWhen new businesses launch straight into marketing activity without much thought, they can often spend a lot of time and resource with very little reward to show for it. This is because they shoot from the hip rather than taking time to set their aim.

Before firing out all kinds of messages about your services, take time to think and prepare your marketing message if you really want your promotion to resonate with potential customers.

So what is a marketing message?

A marketing message provides the foundation for your marketing campaign. It should be a well-crafted, consistent message that can be adapted to be used across all communication channels. Your marketing message should aim to capture attention, generate interest, increase desire and inspire action by your potential customer.

And why is this important?

When used properly a marketing message delivers a powerful, meaningful message that engages and motivates prospects to become your customers.

Having structure and consistency in your marketing communications allows you to deliver a clear message across all communication channels. This will reinforce the key benefits of using your product or service, helping you to connect with your customers and your message to spread. Conversely, if you send out mixed messages you’ll have a much weaker impact and you’re less likely to turn prospects into customers.

Where to begin?

Over the next few weeks I will talk you through the process of developing your marketing message before showing how you can use it across your full spectrum of communication channels. Stay tuned!



3 thoughts on “Marketing Message #1: Don’t shoot from the hip!

  1. Hey, great start! I wonder if it would be alright with you if I quoted your definition of a marketing message for one of my upcoming blog posts. It’s a very good, accurate definition. Thanks for your advice, and I look forward to your future posts on this subject!

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