Marketing Message #2: What’s in it for me?

whats-in-it-for-meLast time I spoke about the need to develop your marketing message and now we’ll move on to where to start. Selling the benefits!

When first engaging with your business your customer will all be asking themselves the same question; ‘what’s in it for me?’

So before we launch into a big tirade about ourselves and our product or service, we’ve first got to consider the target customer and what outcome(s) we can help them to achieve. What do they want to accomplish through engaging with us?

People’s interest is often gained through their hearts rather than their heads, so it’s vital that we lead our marketing message by addressing customer wants and needs, preferably on an emotional level, before telling them all about our wonderful solutions.

A great example of this can be found on the website of Rise Up client, Radfan.

On Radfan’s home page, they lead with the strapline ‘warmth where you want it’. This is before they have said anything else about themselves or their product. This is combined with a very powerful visual image, highlighting the problem the prospective customer are feeling (being cold and miserable) and showing the benefits of using the Radfan (feeling warm and happy). They reinforce these key outcomes with the message ‘making you warmer and more comfortable for less’.

The above shows that Radfan are very tuned into what prospective customers are seeking when they first visit the website. Not many people will buy a Radfan because they want a fan on top of their radiator, no matter how nicely designed it is. Instead they want warmth, comfort and happiness at a cheaper price than turning up the thermostat, and Radfan clearly shows how the product can help them achieve these outcomes.

To start building your own marketing message I’d like you to begin by focusing on the outcomes of your product or service, what promises are you making to your customers? Jot down as many as you can and then prioritise your list based on importance to your customer. If you have distinct target customer groups you may have to do multiple lists for each product/service. Feel free to share them with us for feedback.

Next time we will look at the next stage of your marketing message: the features of your product or service.



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