Marketing Message #3: Delivering your promises

marketing-2In the second installment of this series of blog posts, we showed why it was important to tap into the needs and wants of your customers by leading the marketing message with the benefits of using your product/service. These benefits are the big promises that we make to our customers to stimulate interest.

The next stage of the marketing message is to let the customer know how we will deliver these promises. This is when we lead them to discover more about the features of our product/service. What do we actually provide and why is it so great in helping our customers achieve the benefits they’re looking for?

When discovering more about  features of your product/service, prospective customers are starting to think more logically and the head begins to rule the heart. It’s therefore very important to create a clear link between the features of the product/service and the outcomes the customer wants to achieve. Done properly, this increased understanding of how your product/service delivers its outcomes will begin to instill belief  and strengthen desire with your prospective customers.

If we stick with the Radfan website example used last time, we can see how they move from highlighting the benefits of their product to its features.

Whilst the Radfan home page link is titled ‘warmer with Radfan’, the next two links to the right are ‘great design’ and ‘technology’. The website is now guiding the reader towards the features of the product, demonstrating out it delivers ‘comfort and warmth for less’. In this case the customer can find out:

  • the principles behind the technology
  • product specifications, including; size, warranty and electricity consumption
  • practical considerations, such as; will it fit on my radiator? How does it look? How much electricity will it use? How easy is it to install?

At this stage Radfan’s customers do not only understand how it increases warmth where they need it, but are also addressing practical issues about use, and Radfan do a great job in making the product as easy to use as possible.

When forming your own marketing message, it can be difficult to distinguish between features and benefits. Put simply, a feature is what your product/service has or does. It is a characteristic that is a quantifiable, indisputable fact. The benefit is the value to the customer of the features, why do these features matter? If you keep asking the ‘so what?’ question, it may help you distinguish between what is a feature and what is a benefit.

Have a go at writing down the key features of your product and service and prioritise the list. Again, feel free to share your features with us or if you’d like help with this please ask.



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