Marketing Message #4: Establishing Credibility

testimonial word cloud on small blackboard

Having tapped into the emotional needs and wants of our clients and shown how logically the features of our product/service achieve their desired outcomes, then…and only then…will the customer be interested in you and your company.

At this stage of the marketing message it’s all about establishing credibility with your customer. They want to know if you have the capability to live up to your promises and why you are the best company to deliver the product or service.

How you establish credibility with your prospective customer will depend on the nature of your product/service and your target customer. But examples of this could include:

  • Awards
  • Qualifications/certifications/memberships
  • Your background and experience in the industry
  • Client base
  • Examples of previous work

But there is one powerful tool that all businesses should be able to use, customer testimonials. Testimonials from your customers provide an independent assessment of your product or service that you can use in your marketing message. Real words from real customers are especially influential when it comes to building trust and credibility with potential customers.

If we look again at the website of our friends at Radfan, we can see some good examples of how they build credibility with potential customers. They feature; an award from relevant global brand Ikea, independent verification of their product, appearances in national press, a review/customer testimonial page and an introduction the team and their backgrounds. This information allows the prospective customer to build a picture, not only of the product, but the organisation providing it.  This makes it far more likely that the customer will go on to purchase the product.

What can you say about you and your business that will boost your credibility and convince your customers that you’re a great business to engage with? If you feel like you have nothing to say, what can you do to change this? Once you’ve completed this third and final list, you’ll have all the essential content you need to effectively market your business.

Next time we’ll look at how to use your marketing message practically to achieve success.



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