5 Reasons why more Graduates are becoming Entrepreneurs

graduate-entrepreneursIn recent years there has been a noticeable rise in the amount of graduates deciding to further their careers through starting up in business. In fact, last year Rise Up helped to start up more businesses than ever before! So why are more people deciding to go down this route? Here are just some of the reasons that running a business could be for you:

1)      Do what you love to do

Do you ever spend days staring out of your office window convincing yourself that there must be more to working life than this? Well there is! For many people running a business is a chance for people to follow their passions and enjoy the work that they do.

2)      Be your own boss

No more taking orders, hitting a glass ceiling in terms of promotion or representing a company that leaves you feeling empty. Running a business allows you to set the rules, decide the direction you want to go in and have the freedom to do what you think is right.

3)      Sense of achievement

When you run your own business everything that it goes on to achieve is due to you! You can have a huge impact on the world through the work that you do and you can have great pride in knowing that none of it would have happened without your initiative, determination and skills.

4)      Variety in your work

When you run a business you’re likely to have a wide range of responsibilities, including; finance, marketing, operations and service delivery. No two days will ever be the same!

5)      Earn Money!

Yes running your own business might mean that you’re strapped for cash in the early days. But if you get it right there is no limit to the amount of money you could earn. It’s not surprising that two thirds of the world’s millionaires are entrepreneurs!

If you’re a graduate of Newcastle University and have an interest in starting up your own business Rise Up can provide a full range of support for life, no matter what stage you’re at with your idea. Please visit our website or contact us.



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