A day in the life of a Rise Up Intern

Rise Up Intern Laura with one of our clientsLife began at Rise Up in January where the ‘Elevator’ became my new home outside of lectures. I joined a team of three existing interns – Charlie, Jess and Olivia; little did I know at the time that we would aid and influence each other hugely in our daily activities of the elevator and the events we organised. I work around 10-12 hours per week usually consisting of day-to-day tasks such as drop-in sessions and particular projects with clients.

Drop-in sessions have been a great eye opener in terms of learning people management skills. We maintain an open door policy so we never know what business idea will come in next. Our initial meetings with a past or present student allow us to discuss and develop their entrepreneurial ideas. This has to be one of the most exciting parts of the job, as this real ‘hands on’ approach allows us as interns to develop the ideas of buddying business minds and build lasting relationships with our clients.

I find one of the really satisfying parts of the job comes from the client-intern friendships that are made, often I’ll have clients wanting my input with their business such as getting the most out of social media or experimenting with names for a new product. It is great that they feel they can drop me a facebook message or just pop into the Elevator to say hi and give us the update on their progress!

I was lucky enough to work closely with an event planning company called Lightbox. I was able to assist them in finding a client and then progress their project,  overseeing things from idea creation to the final stage of the event itself. I am currently working with marketing and public relations for another client, Lily from Pure Silk Road who sells luxury silk scarves.

One of the biggest events of an intern’s calendar is the organising and running of the Apprentice competition. This year each intern either oversaw one of three tasks from the overall event or organised the awards ceremony. Even though  each intern had their particular role, we all helped with the planning and running on the day. One memorable moment was adventuring around town with my fellow interns with a budget of £20 to see what strange articles and objects we could come up with for the negotiation and buying task; a fez and a packet of calendula seeds come to mind! The Apprentice competition was a great experience – working closely with others to come to final decisions as well as helping one another with various aspects of each task. This has been a great example of team working for me to use at job interviews.

The social calendar is always packed with lovely events to look forward to. The annual Rise Up dinner held at Jesmond Dene House certainly is an evening of wining and dining. The champagne and canapé reception followed by a three-course meal is not one to be missed! This along with the summer social, which this year is held at the Pitcher and Piano on the Quayside, allows another excuse for all those involved with the community to come together over a cold glass of pimms!

My next task is to help recruit the new team of interns! I can honestly say this has to be the best part time job I’ve ever had (I would do it for free but I don’t let the bosses know that!) I would encourage everyone to apply and even more so if you would like to develop a business idea one day, being surrounded by a community of hard-working and determined people from all walks of life is worth applying for!

You can apply to become a Rise Up Intern for the 2014/15 academic year here.

Laura Davies

Rise Up Intern


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