Don’t tell them everything at once…

Sometimes marketing is not about knowing what to say, it’s about knowing what to cut!

The first time we interact with prospective customers it’s tempting to tell them everything about our product or service. But giving this information overload isn’t an effective way of promoting your business.

How do you react when confronted with a page full of promotional text?

This problem of giving too much information usually occurs when we concentrate on what we want to tell our prospective customers, not what we think they need to know. When entering in any form of dialogue, you need to consider; the prospective customer and what they already know, the action you’d like them to take next and how you’re going to motivate them to do this.

Very rarely is your first contact intended to achieve a sale, so remember you can add detail in later dialogue. For now, concentrate on what’s important to your audience at this moment in time and how you can encourage them to take the next step towards becoming your customer.



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