Why would anybody buy from you?

why-would-anyone-buy-from-youRecently I held a meeting with a sales representative from a local company. The lady was hoping that I could help her to increase awareness of her company’s services amongst the Rise Up community.  As this was a local company, I entered the meeting with every intention of helping where I could.

However, the lady soon lost my good intentions when it became apparent that:

  • She didn’t truly understand why her service was of value to her potential customers
  • She failed to consider the competitive landscape and competitive advantage that her company holds
  • After mentioning the prospect of a discount for Rise Up clients she didn’t know what the offer actually was.

Ultimately, I was looking for a reason why her services would be of interest to Rise Up start-up businesses but she gave me nothing.

After reflecting on this meeting I believe that there are many lessons to be learned here:

  • The importance of understanding your value you provide to your potential customers cannot be underestimated
  • Create a compelling reason for your target audience to choose you ahead of your competition
  • Enter meetings prepared and find a way to make it easy for your potential customer to say ‘yes’ that works for you too.

Without considering the above you are unlikely to achieve success.

Marek Tokarski

Entrepreneurial Development Officer


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