What did we Learn from Sir Richard Branson?

what-did-we-learn-from-richard-bransonLast week we were very fortunate to have many of our students and graduates attend an event featuring Sir Branson, Brian Souter of Stagecoach and iced coffee entrepreneur Jim Cregan. Sir Richard and friends engaged in a lively Q&A session taking questions from current and prospective entrepreneurs in the audience.

But what did we learn from Sir Richard? Below are some of the key quotes from the event:

  • ‘Keep going until you succeed, don’t give up’.
  • ‘The best education anyone can have is getting out there and doing it’.
  • ‘Business ideas come out of your frustrations’.
  • ‘To be a great leader you’ve got to be a great listener…absorb knowledge all the time’.
  • ‘Just try it. If you try you will learn about it. Most people can become entrepreneurs if they put their mind to it’.
  • ‘There will be lots of skeptics…in the end you’ve just got to get out there and prove them wrong’.
  • ‘You should develop your business idea whilst at University and not wait!’.

Read about Sir Richard’s take on the event on his blog.

If the Richard Branson & Friends event inspired you to think about starting your own business, why not drop in to The Elevator and have a chat with the Rise Up team?



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