Sharing a shed load of ideas

shed-load-of-ideasThe Enterprise Shed: Making Ideas Happen launched yesterday and the on-line community has taken off on their journey at full throttle!

As well as contributing to the MOOC, I am a mentor, which means I get to support and work with all of our enthusiastic participants over the next 4 weeks. This course is not your usual entrepreneurship course, and we are not going to tell you how to start a business, but it is about people, their ideas and finding the confidence to turn them into a reality. This course provides a stimulating platform for sharing, collaboration and development, but this can only happen with the input of the participants… and thankfully we have hit the ground running in the shed!

Our participants are from all over the world, from many diverse cultures, and have already started to share their personal stories and ideas and meet like-minded people. As well as me, we have a varied group of mentors with a wide range of entrepreneurial knowledge and experience, including: a serial entrepreneur who secured a deal in the Dragon’s Den; a recent Virgin start-up success; and seasoned entrepreneurship and enterprise educators….. and being an entrepreneurial bunch we can’t stop ourselves from diving into the conversation.

If you’ve got an idea, would like inspiration and support from a global community, and want to get involved in a truly interactive on-line course, it’s not too late to come and have a look around the shed!

Sign up here:The Enterprise Shed: Making Ideas Happen

and follow the conversation on Twitter here: #FLentshed @NCLRiseup @NCLMoocs

Rebecca Fisher

Entrepreneurial Development Officer


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