Glitretind Founderships Showcase

founderships-showcase11 Founders presented their 7 companies to a full-house of entrepreneurs, funders, students and professional partners at the Glitretind Founderships Showcase which took place on Friday 27th February 2016 in the new Start up Space. The showcase for us marked the end of 6 months of seriously hard work for our graduates on the Founderships programme, and just the start for our Founders who demonstrated that their commitment is really paying off.

Our Founders ideas cover; Virtual Reality for the cultural and heritage sector, authentic Sichuan cuisine, brain health and performance supplements, a disruptive approach to providing supply teaching, financial rewards for using energy smartly, technology solutions for the healthcare sector and a powerful superfood brand to get you glowing. We think you’ll agree that there is something there for every interest.

Founderships is a pre-start up programme for recent graduates of Newcastle University. It gives you 6 months of funding and support, within which time you can fast-track your business by removing the most common hurdles that emerging entrepreneurs face.


Katie Wray, Founderships Programme Manager, personally introduces each of this year’s Founders. Do go and check them out.

Founders 2015

Chronicles VR

Driven by culture and heritage and virtual reality enthusiasts Dominic and Rachel, Chronicles VR provide seriously cool virtual reality experiences for companies in the cultural and heritage sector. Find out more at Not only have they nailed their business model during their Founderships journey, but they are now delivering large and small projects from idea to end product. They say it never gets old to see how people react when they put on a VR headset, do make sure you hunt them down and have a go.

La Yuan

La Yuan, an authentic Sichuan restaurant is coming to Newcastle this autumn, and those that have tasted their spicy fish soup (which I feel is fast becoming their trademark dish) cannot wait to get booked in! An unbelievable amount of work goes into the design, planning, assessment and regulatory needs of a new restaurant, so Joshy, Founder of Jinco, has put his team in the UK and in China to work scoping out all of the details. Joshy won our ‘One to Watch’ award in May 2015, and they are nearly there now, so watch this space!

Brain Feed

Brain feed provides natural supplements and is for more than just fitness fanatics and spiritualists. Brain feed is for you and me, real people that get stressed and occasionally enjoy life a little too much! During his Foundership, James has single-handedly created a sales channel, designed and launched a product, whilst at the same time educating the rest of us on data science, wellbeing, and 5-HTP. I don’t know how we will cope without him!

The Supply Box

The Supply Box is a community of supply teachers, available to schools at the click of a button. This is a rapidly growing market, with frequently dissatisfied customers. Cue Chloe’s determination, and her solution to disrupt the traditional approach that schools and agencies take, through her system of fairness, transparency and simplicity. For more information visit


Ravneet and Johnson came along with a huge proposal, to repurpose electric vehicle batteries into a product to capture energy in the home. We always knew that they would benefit from the Founderships methodology, and break down the steps to realising their vision of tackling energy demand in the UK and India, and they have done just that. I challenge you to find something they don’t know about their sector, their market research has been done with a fine toothed comb! Now they have a working prototype of their cloud based system which will reduce our domestic reliance on the grid during peak times. They are seeking investment, so put your hands in your pockets!

Briars Healthcare

Briars Healthcare provide specialist care staff, training and technology to the north east care sector. They are tackling a really big issue, the standard of care across the sector, and we applaud them for the progress that they have made so far, and the vision they have. Jack and Ashley’s personal commitment to customer relationships and quality provision has received excellent feedback in their approach to providing carers to the sector, and now they are testing a range of new technologies in this market to have further impact in the future.

Oh My Glow

Natalie’s personality is infectious, as is her brand Oh My Glow, Not just a superfood detox supplement, but a lifestyle brand which has a cult following. Natalie has travelled (and speaks) at 100 mph during her Foundership, tackling whatever has come her way to finally get her product manufacturing process out of her grandma’s kitchen and into a factory. The day after her Foundership ended, Natalie jumped on a plane to live in LA…go figure!


Applications for the September 2016 cohort will open in April 2016. Email for more information or visit


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