My Year as a Rise Up Intern

“Choose a job that you like, and you will never have to work a day in your life.”

– Confucius, Philosopher.

 rise up she means business

Hi, I’m Amelia and I am one of the four current Rise Up Interns. Here’s a picture of me at our Thank Goodness It’s Women in Business Event – a really inspiring evening. Read on to find out a bit about why I applied for the role of Rise Up Intern and what it has been like!

Why did I apply for the role?

I’d always worked throughout my degree but had taken more casual roles in coffee shops or restaurants which was pretty uninspiring. I’d developed a real passion for entrepreneurship and enterprise whilst in second year, studying business enterprise and getting a taste of what it felt like to run my own business – which was really exciting. My passion continued to develop whilst working in Warrington on a Business Management Placement with O2 – I could tell that huge corporations weren’t going to be the right place for me to flourish and that I needed to engage with Start-up’s and enterprising businesses to be truly happy. I began copywriting for a new Start-up whilst still on my placement and even launched my own club event in the pursuit of the buzz of working on new ventures.

With the realisation that enterprise needed to be a big part of my life I applied to work as a Rise Up intern, knowing that I could combine the skills I had developed on my industrial placement and my passion for entrepreneurship to the role. I also wanted to challenge myself to develop lots of the skills that my degree hadn’t really offered me opportunities to develop – such as public speaking and networking.

What have I been doing?

At the start of the year I was responsible for our monthly networking event – Thank Goodness It’s Wednesday – where I was tasked with creating engaging themes, booking entrepreneurial speakers, making presentations and ensuring that everyone felt welcome and mingled on the night. This was exciting as I had never organised a networking event before, and allowed me to engage with numerous entrepreneurs from Newcastle and hear true stories and business advice from experienced entrepreneurs. This role also developed my event management skills and allowed me to follow my creative vision by deciding what kinds of things should take place at the events – such as our ‘pub quiz’ at Christmas.

As an intern I have also had the opportunity to manage our social media accounts, including Instagram, Facebook and Twitter, developing different hashtags to attract more followers to see the wonderful work that Rise Up does and promoting the many events that Rise Up runs. I also helped to launch a blog series – Meet the Start-Ups – which highlights the successes of various students or alumni who have previously engaged with the Rise Up team.

What was my favourite part of the job role?

One of the aspects of the role that I have enjoyed the most was the work I did on our NCL Apprentice competition. This involved me speaking with many North East based entrepreneurs to try and identify real life business problems which could then be converted into challenges for students to work on throughout the NCL Apprentice competition. I created briefs and presented multiple challenges to the teams of students, as well as creating judgement criteria and liaising with the local entrepreneurs to ensure their business problems could be clearly communicated to the students. I found this task especially rewarding as it allowed me to network with numerous entrepreneurs as well as developing my presentation skills. The winning team from NCL Apprentice went on to represent Newcastle University at the National Apprentice Competition – and they won! They remarked that our NCL Apprentice was great preparation and instrumental to their win – which was amazing!

What is the best thing about the position?

A great thing about working as an intern is that you have the opportunity to manage your own time and develop a team rota around the hours that suit your academic schedules. It’s also been possible to follow my own vision, working with a great team of interns has allowed me to suggest ideas for events or promotional activities and we have been given the opportunity to then put our ideas into action – something which has been really great for personal development.

But the best thing about working as a Rise Up intern is that for me, it hasn’t felt like being at work. If you’re someone who is truly passionate about enterprise and entrepreneurship and would enjoy spreading the message about the huge amount of support and activities that Rise Up offers students and recent graduates then this role will be an amazing opportunity for you! The skills that I have developed, the team that I have got to work with and the fun that I have had whilst in this role has been invaluable.

What skills have I developed?

The key skills that I have developed are: confidence, problem solving, verbal and written communication, networking and event organisation.


If you’re interested in becoming a Rise Up Intern during the 2017/18 academic year then apply here:

To find out more about the role you can speak informally with Steve Bowden, Enterprise Adviser (Start-up Support) on (0191) 208 7409 or contact him by email on

For any informal questions about my intern experience feel free to email:


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