Take part in the NCL Apprentice!

The NCL Apprentice is a great opportunity for students from any degree subject or stage to develop and enhance entrepreneurial skills and confidence in real business scenarios. You will work in teams, competing in a number of start-up business related challenges. Teams will be eliminated each week and finalists will then re-group to compete for … Continue reading Take part in the NCL Apprentice!


Come along to TGIW next week!

TGIW is an informal networking event where students, graduates and entrepreneurs are all in the same place and are encouraged to talk about their thoughts, ideas and aspirations. Each second Wednesday of every month we invite entrepreneurial speakers along to TGIW to entertain you and help you learn about the different paths people take on … Continue reading Come along to TGIW next week!

Interested in becoming freelance or being self-employed? Join us to find out about becoming your own boss!

We are introducing Go Free Chats, a series of informal conversations which will give students the opportunity to find out more about going freelance and becoming self-employed. We can help you with a range of self-employment options such as independent consulting, contracting work, gigs or freelancing. Go Free Chat @ NUBS Wednesday 15 February, NUBS … Continue reading Interested in becoming freelance or being self-employed? Join us to find out about becoming your own boss!

Meet the Start-Ups: Reminiscience

We interviewed Jack Brinn who started Reminiscience with his business partner Ashley Stokeld. Read on to find out all about the world of their exciting VR business... Tell Us About Your Business… Reminiscience uses virtual reality technology to capture 360 degree videos of multiple locations throughout the UK and the North East. These videos are … Continue reading Meet the Start-Ups: Reminiscience

Rise Up Cyber Challenge 16

The problem: Cyber security professionals of the future: Where will they come from?  Our security services are facing a problem - not enough people are coming through school and academia wanting to become cyber security professionals. ICS conclude that there will be a worldwide shortfall of 1.5 million cyber security professionals in 2019 The industry needs … Continue reading Rise Up Cyber Challenge 16