Take part in the NCL Apprentice!

The NCL Apprentice is a great opportunity for students from any degree subject or stage to develop and enhance entrepreneurial skills and confidence in real business scenarios. You will work in teams, competing in a number of start-up business related challenges. Teams will be eliminated each week and finalists will then re-group to compete for … Continue reading Take part in the NCL Apprentice!


Rise Up Cyber Challenge 16

The problem: Cyber security professionals of the future: Where will they come from?  Our security services are facing a problem - not enough people are coming through school and academia wanting to become cyber security professionals. ICS conclude that there will be a worldwide shortfall of 1.5 million cyber security professionals in 2019 The industry needs … Continue reading Rise Up Cyber Challenge 16

Develop the know how to launch your own business

Start Up Essentials Do you have an early-stage business idea and want to turn it into reality? Start Up Essentials is a series of interactive workshops which will give you the knowledge, confidence and know-how to successfully develop a new business idea. Based on an action-orientated approach to starting up new ventures, the sessions will … Continue reading Develop the know how to launch your own business