Meet Kellie, our new Entrepreneurial Development Officer!

At Rise Up we have a number of new staff joining the team, Kellie Forbes-Simpson is one of our new Entrepreneurial Development Officers.   Kellie will be working with our other Development Officers providing one to one support for any students and graduates who drop into the Elevator.  Kellie will be working on a number of … Continue reading Meet Kellie, our new Entrepreneurial Development Officer!


Serial Project Management

It is widely predicted that by 2020 up to 50% of us are likely to be working on a freelance basis. It seems that the separate identities of employee, intrapreneur, entrepreneur and freelancer are becoming increasingly blurred and we will tend to move between all of these roles in the course of our careers. The … Continue reading Serial Project Management


Welcome to Rise Up Newcastle,  the blog for all things enterprising and entrepreneurial at Newcastle University. Newcastle is a hot bed of student and graduate entrepreneurial activity at the moment; app developers, café owners, musicians, revolutionary scientists and engineers and world changing medics, fine artists and publishers - we know you are out there. We … Continue reading Welcome